Chapter 2- Day 1

Chapter 2- Day 1

Today, i finally landed in Mackay QLD.
many people have been saying i am off to start a new life, when really it is just a new chapter of my existing one. a new life, implies leaving friends behind, and starting from scratch. yes i did leave my closest friends in Perth, but they will always be there for me.
when friends leave, the first thing they worry about is, if they will stay friends. This worry hasn’t crossed my mind at all, i know that the friends I have in Perth will be my friends forever.

Today started with a phone call from Vernon when i was in Brisbane airport at the lovely hour of 5am. after many laughs during our hour conversation he finally had me in tears for all the right reasons. boarding the plane, i held the tears back, knowing that this flight was taking me to my new home.
Landing in Mackay at 8am it was cloudy and didn’t seem like sunny Mackay, though with the lack of sleep it didn’t phase me at the least. Getting to nanny and Grandad’s house, the sleepiness hit me, and off i dozed into a silent slumber for a nice 5 hour nap.
my well deserved nap ended and off to the shops we went to pick up some necessities… hair spray and moose, and of course a new wallet! on our way home a stop by the new store to pick up my uniform was made, saying hello to people i hadn’t seen in 7 months and had missed dearly from my previous holiday in November 2012. Making it home at about 3:30 the unpacking began, and then continued for another 3HOURS! i never knew i could own so much, or fit so much into 3 suitcases. After another phone call from Vernon and one to Jamie, it was time for dinner.

Well today has been busy and I’m ready for another full on day tomorrow with my first day at work! (Nervous)

As i say goodbye to chapter one and close the tear stained pages i open a new one, starting fresh with my best friends behind me supporting every decision i make. I miss you guys so much already!

Love always M x


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