Beauty, is something that seems so simple really is complicated.
True beauty comes from with in,
When a person’s soul and personality are beautiful you realise they to are beautiful. Though someone as pretty as Miranda Kerr or any other model who you look at are think ate perfection, if their soul is not beautiful they tend to lose their beauty.

In saying that, you can not tell a girl she is beautiful and expect her to believe it, she herself must see her beauty and then chose to believe it.
You can spend years telling a girl she is beautiful, but her past may tell her different.
Beauty can’t be defined, nor will it ever, if you want a girl to believe she is beautiful, stand by her when she has lost all beauty, don’t try as correct her past, instead assist in navigating her future, as then, when she sees her beauty, she will have you to thank for helping her see it.



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