What is love?
Scientist says its a chemical imbalance in the brain, now I’m not saying that, that isn’t true, what I am saying is that teenage girls are more into the fun side of it all.
For me love is;
Being able to be yourself with someone, to be able to know everything about them but still have so much that is uncertain to you. To want to spend the whole day with them, and when they walk in the room a smile spreads across your face.
Love means different things to different people, but to everyone in the world love means something to them, and they love someone/ something.
Love! Arguably one of the most amazing words, whether its to love or to be loved it is still so amazing.
*heads up personal story*
My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly for nearly 8 months now, those 8 months have flown past, with good memories and laughter. When I look back I when we weren’t together I think about who I would tell all the Things I tell him. Who I would laugh with day after day, and who would be my crazier other half. His in an interview at the moment * cross your fingers* and as I sit outside and wait, I can’t do anything but hope he gets it. Yes it means for 2 weeks out of 3 I won’t see him, but it is what he wants, and needs.

Maybe that is what love is, knowing you don’t want them to go, but being happy that they are because you know they will come back and you know they need to go.

LOVE that 4 letter word that means so much to every single person on the earth, past, present and future.

No matter what happens, try stay strong and remember

( air, food, water and sleep are also necessary)


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