Hey Folks,

Thinking about what i was going to write in the blog, not only took time but a hell of a lot of my brain power (ha-ha) After over an hour of thinking, and contemplating between, making this a science filled rant or my own opinion & then finally decision time came…. *drum roll please* OWN OPINION wins… Though it is my own opinion, it may include many random facts about dreams. So, well yeah.. enjoy?

*20 minutes later*
i have now deleted half this blog about 10 times now and still don’t know what to right. While we are here though i would like to thank Tegan for this great idea… that i can’t write anything on!!
i did though find another blog about dreams (i will reblog later tonight).
In the Mean time here are some facts about dreams from: http://www.dream-interpretation.org.uk/types-of-dreams/facts-about-dreams.htm

Fact 1 – Only you can interpret your dream

Fact 2 – A Dream tends to have two different types of meanings: a general meaning where the dream is told as a symbolic story and an individual meaning, which is specific to the dreamer

Fact 3 – Most dreams reflect subjects which are on your mind

Fact 4 – Your dream may simply reflect events of your day providing an outlet and safe way of expressing pent up emotions

Fact 5 – A Dream often mirrors real life experiences

Fact 6 – Dream subjects include fantasies and frightening elements from the imagination or stimulated by watching movies or television, reading books or even playing computer games

Fact 7 – The most common emotion experienced in a dream is anxiety and fear.

Scientist have said that it is impossible to remember how your dream started.
it is also said that EVERYBODY dreams, its just that many people don’t remember them.

So anyway, i don’t know where this blog is going so i’m going to stop while i’m ahead. Lets hope tomorrow’s is better.

xx E


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