Suicide & Self Harm.

Suicide & Self Harm.

Hey folks,
Today I was told that i had depression, after being told this i confessed to a girl a trust my life with (Tegan). Whilst talking to her, i began to realise that many people don’t have some one to talk to about their problems, and someone to help them through their troubles.
I, myself have many friends that suffer from depression and i never thought that i would be diognosed with it.
Today has opened my eyes to many things, and one of them is suicide.
Suicide, not only takes young lives but adults as well, it is something that affects everyone in the world. Many people are lucky enough to be able to say that no one close to them has ever been taken by suicide. i myself am one of them.
Though i do have many friends that have used self harm. Constantly it breaks my heart when i hear about them doing it.
Suicide, something that not only hurts the family but the friends. many people say that suicide “Is the easy way out”. when really suicide, is the breaking point. People can only take so much, and for a person to have to resort to suicide, brings tears to my eyes. I think about the people i have in my life, and what they would do to keep me in their life, and i wonder if people who have committed or attempted suicide, have had people like them in their life that care about them.
I always wonder, that if they had just made a phone call, updated their status, or sent a message if they would still be here with us.
I hope that if any of my readers ever thinks about attempting suicide, they know that i am here for them, even if i don’t know you, i will listen and if i can help you.
Suicide is something that affects many people every day, people that quite often don’t expect it.

I am completely against suicide, but i understand how people come to it, and i hope that in my life i can help at least one person stay here with us.


2 thoughts on “Suicide & Self Harm.

  1. hi, i think this is amazing and it is nice to know there is someone else out there who has depression. I have been diagnosed also with depression and anxiety but I have always been against suicide. I am only just building up my courage to go back to school; Mindarie senior college. My depression and mainly anxiety is through school bullying. Thanks for posting this! (:

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